4:30p | Tuesday | January 27, 2004

so supposedly someone harassed my 9 year old cousin

in the boys locker room at the birdneck
rec center.
I believe it was

Troy Poulin.

While sitting naked on a bench

called my naked little cousin

over and when my little cousin
turned around to leave

repeatedly towel whipped my cousins
bare ass cheeks.

Then while

was standing in the bathroom

stood right behind him so
the only image

could see was
naked body

then ran and tried to hide in the sauna but

found him and proceeded to press his
naked body against the sauna glass while winking
and making provakative faces.

this is sick.

is now in therapy. thanks asshole

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12:23a | Monday | January 12, 2004

&! new layout.

not sure how long it will last. i dont know =[

click here. its fun

Xadjust my radio: darling, its modelling :-\
cixil: true
Xadjust my radio: i mean come on, they're using me. im fugly.
cixil: true


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1:29p | Monday | December 22, 2003

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