10:28p | Monday | December 15, 2003

today one of my close friends
tried commiting suicide.

i dont understand why a person
would do that to themselves, i mean
she had no reason too.

i just feel so empty and

i love you charley
i just want you to be happy
and never harm yourself again.

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8:54p | Friday | December 5, 2003

&!new layout

i cant wait for winter break,
not so much christmas but
hopefully making it down
to nc for new years and
nyc some time over the break
the 27th maybe? i really hope
everything goes ok, i really
want to get away from here.

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4:33p | Sunday | November 23, 2003

ready set go >>
Friday ;
Went to some show late with
christine dawn and jessica
didnt know krissy and alex
were going to be there but
ended up meeting up with them
after the show we went to
the movies to see cat in the hat.
possibly the worst movie EVER.
Wendys/ Home
Jamie/jess/heather came and got me
and christine. we went to Ihop, met up
with eden and some girl.
went home went to sleep.

Olive garden with people
big mess with movies
or whatevv. ended up me
and christine with
billy and nate. went to
borders then to billys house
and we talked for like an hour
then we went to my house and
cori came over. AHAHAHAH it
was F U N. they left around 330

i havent updated in awhile. nothing
new really. i got highlights

yea, everythings about the same.

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